Whatever your needs, from two to 200, we can support you. Recent projects include recabling a large warehouse and offices (over 3.5Km of cable) for VOIP telephones and PCs and, at the other end of the scale, four new cables for three computers and a printer at a local building society.

Network cabling

Our staff are competent with all network requirements such as CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, shielded or unshielded! All cabling fully checked and tested with full report on completion.

Network Safety & Security

Your network could be a way for computer problems to get into and around your organisation, as well as a way out for your sensitive and confidential information. We can provide technologies to provide the access you need and prevent those that you do not.

Network support & installation

Our staff will even configure your Internet equipment (ADSL modems, routers etc) and your connectivity hardware such as switches, hubs, and wireless access points. If your printer does not have network support we can even add a print server allowing you to save money by printing to one device from multiple computers.

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We even explain it all in English to help stop you worrying about "what the geek is going on?!"