Consultation & advice

Disaster RecoveryA computer burnt in a fire, demonstrating what can so easily happen in your business

Have you thought what you would do if the worst happened? Imagine what would happen if you lost your accounts or your ordering system. How would business carry on? With IT systems being relied on more than ever, many businesses are completely dependant on their systems and the data they contain and therefore having a disaster recovery plan is of utmost importance.

We can advise and supply on a range of backup solutions that could get you up and running efficiently should the worst happen.


We are in partnership with a number of reliable suppliers and can therefore either supply your needs directly or advise on your requirements should you prefer to purchase from your own suppliers.

Due to the wealth of knowledge and experience that KTS computers have we can advise on a wide range of equipment such as Computers, servers, routers, Cyber Security, Microsoft Office 365 etc.


If you already have a good system then upgrading your hardware could be the cheaper option to keep up with technology. We will happily discuss with you your individual requirements and determine the best options to move you forward.


We can offer you expert advice on design through to installation and setup of your network.